July 28th, 2021

The state of education in Afghanistan remains dire. The national literacy rate stands at 28%, while for women the figure is a mere 13%. The discrepancy points to the ongoing struggle in Afghanistan to foster a culture that respects the rule of law and accords women respect and equality. Reversing the oppressive trend of denying education and opportunity, particularly to women, is imperative for the future of this nation and its people.

The Afghan School Project operates on a mission of employing education and skills training as a means to provide greater opportunities for both men and women. We work to help Kandaharis achieve a greater quality of life for themselves and their families while contributing to the growth and development of Afghanistan. Students in Kandahar attend the Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies (KIMS) and are educated in English and Communications, Information and Communications Technology, and Business Management. Since 2007, thousands of KIMS graduates have found professional employment amongst local, national and multilateral organizations operating in the region.

As of early 2021, KIMS provided education to several hundred men and women and is one of the only institutions in Kandahar to provide skills training in technology and business management. Training in English and Communications also offers students the opportunity to participate in debates and exercise critical thinking skills.

Donor and volunteer support are both critical to helping KIMS continue in its mission. Contributions from international donors mean that 60% of KIMS students are female in a society where women have often been denied any kind of formal education. To learn more about the services we offer students at the KIMS, visit our About Us Page. To learn more about how you can support the Afghan School Project, please visit our Get Involved Page.