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“Dedicated English teacher blazing trails in Kandahar”

Ehsan, the Chief Adminstrator of the ACCC, was recently interviewed by Cdr Chad Snee regarding his hard work to further education in the Kandahar area. Here is a brief excerpt from that article:

‘“I teach about computers and English because there are many jobs available in these fields,” he explained. “Afghans who wish to obtain higher education abroad need the computer and English skills.”

As he spoke, he emphasized his points with his outstretched right hand while gently fingering a set of prayer beads with his left. The joy in his voice was punctuated with broad, earnest smiles.’

In 2002, Ullah’s perseverance achieved a significant milestone: the opening of the first school in Kandahar that allowed girls to attend.’

‘In recent months, Ullah launched his biggest education initiative to date, the Afghan School Project.

According to the project’s website, located at www.theafghanschool.org, “the Afghan School Project is a grassroots, non-profit initiative to establish and operate a small school in residential Kandahar that will enable students, primarily women, the opportunity to access valuable vocational training and the Internet.

Ullah administers the ACCC with help from volunteers in Canada. The ACCC soon will begin offering SAIT online courses in business management and health. “Most of the seats in these classes will be for women,” Ullah emphasized. “A family in Canada offered to provide Internet connections and other technological support for the classes.”

Ullah views community centers as a means of improving access to education while providing a safe learning environment for the students. “We can’t go underground. I’ve been given an opportunity to improve the lives of my fellow Afghans,” he stated. “We are fighting those who want to stop our progress. It’s a global village: I need you and you need me.”’

The complete article is available here. 

We wish to thank Cdr Snee for his efforts in recognizing Ehsan’s hard work in the service of education, the staff and students of the Afghan-Canadian Community Center for their courage and dedication, and the Afghan School Project’s donors for making this all possible.

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