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Personal Reflections of ACCC Students: The Problems Faced by Women in Afghanistan (Continued)

Here is the next set of essays from students at the Afghan-Canadian Community Center regarding the problems facing women in Afghanistan. We at the Afghan School Project have a great deal of respect for the students who wrote these essays, as we know that it is not easy to study under such difficult circumstances.

The lack of respect and protection for women’s rights remain an ongoing problem facing many countries around the world. By working with women in Afghanistan to further the cause of higher education, we help to advance the cause of women’s rights and draw nearer to a world in which men and women are treated equally.

Small changes have been made to the grammar and spelling of the articles. All efforts have been made to retain the essays’ original meaning.

Over the next week or so, we will continue to publish more of the students’ essays.

Every Afghan and every Muslim knows that there are large problems facing the women of Afghanistan. Afghan parents sell their daughters into marriage and women do not have the authority to live their own lives, so how can they share their problems with women’s rights associations? The women of Afghanistan are seeing their future being destroyed before their own eyes and they cannot avoid their lives, so let us now discuss how to solve these problems.

If a woman wants to find the solution to their problems, they should defeat the problems. Tolerance and honesty are very important, and can prevent problems in a woman’s married life. Women can live happily if they keep their husbands happy. All problems start from not receiving education, so both husband and wife should be educated and be honest with each other.

– Sadia and Zarghona

There are many problems facing women in Afghanistan:
1.Many girls kill themselves because of forced marriage.
2.Women are forced to give birth to many children.
3.Many women die of illness because their husbands do not permit them to attend hospitals or clinics, even if they do not charge for treatment.
4.Many girls who attend school are kidnapped along the way, or must leave school because of suicide attacks.
5.Most women cannot go outside their homes, not even to their mother’s house, without their husband’s permission.
6.Many women are beaten by their husbands. Some are beaten to death. Many husbands think that women can only keep house and produce children.

These problems can be solved through the just leadership of husbands and parents and good security. We know that this is the responsibility of the government. However, sometimes when the government arrests criminals, the criminals are later allowed to leave because of bribes.

– Yalda

The problems of Afghan women are unparalleled in the world. Women do not enjoy their legal rights in Afghanistan from the perspective of their family. Afghan women face danger and oppression, and their families profit from this by marrying them for money to men, young or old, without their daughters’ approval.

From the perspective of government, women’s rights are limited because when women become widowed they only receive a fragment of their husbands’ livelihood. Widows are forced to struggle to pay for clothing and shelter for their children.

The solution to this is for the government to pay attention to those women who have lost their husbands and to those women who are forced to marry. Women should have rights, and every city and village should have offices that can work with Afghan women to help solve these problems.

– Rabia

  1. August 17th, 2009 at 03:13 | #1

    I have read with desmay the aticle about the problems, Afghan Women are facing. This is the first time to know that these people are in a such situation.
    In Islam, women are also allowed to be learned, and wellow equiped with education. Depriving education to women, you are creating a backward society. The authority, or any one denaying girls to attend studies, should know and bear it mind,that the “WOMAN” is the first “TEACHER”in a family,and if you have a illitrate, or bad Teacher dont expect good result.

    ISLAM needs knowledgeble peolpe, not just sitting idle as stugnant water. I appeal to you overthere in that good country, AFGHANSTAN to allow our sisters to go to school.
    -May be I can add on something, donors should consider providing: scholorships, free primary/secondary education for girls.
    -Forcing female to marry against their will,and choice in ISLAM its unacceptable,first seek coinsent from her.
    -Men shuold know marrying uneducated woman you are likely to invite a disorganised famliy,and having her as a wife, you are carrying a burden.

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