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Kandahar Governor Praises ACCC Students, International Supporters

August 1st, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

This week, more than 70 women studying at the Afghan-Canadian Community Center visited Governor Dr. Tooryalai Wesa and his wife, Dr. Rangina Wesa, at the Governor’s Office to discuss security, development, education and peace building efforts

in Kandahar.

The governor of Kandahar, Tooryalai Wesa, addresses a group of ACCC students

The students thanked the Governor and his wife for their current efforts with security, development and education. A request was made by the students for the Governor to continue his support for the ACCC and ACCC Director Ehsanullah Ehsan’s education campaign by helping to secure funding to build a permanent facility and enable the Center to become a fully accredited Afghan post-secondary institution.

The Governor and his wife recognized the ACCC for its efficiency and effectiveness as an educational institution, saying, “We thought that the ACCC students were getting trained in technical skills only, but now we see you have also been provided additional skills that really matter in decision making and for future leaders of Afghanistan.” They also praised Ehsan’s role in advancing education in Kandahar.

Dr. Rangina Wisa generously promised to start a fundraising campaign for the ACCC in the near future. The Governor also pledged to ensure that the ACCC received additional support from the Kandahar Education Department. The Governor, his wife and Ehsan also praised the partners and donors of the ACCC for their support of education for the people of Kandahar.

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