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ACCC breaks silence on peace in Kandahar region

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A school principal receives a gift from Ehsan

Hundreds of students, parents and teachers of the Afghan Canadian Community Center (ACCC) braved intimidation and violence and commemorated the Peace Day today. Representatives from various Kandahar-based organizations including UNAMA, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Women Affairs Department and Education Department, Civil Societies and media participated in the event. The celebration included inspirational speeches, songs and poems about importance of peace and women role in building peace in Afghanistan. The ACCC marks Peace Day after an eerie silence on peace loomed over Afghanistan as a result of assassination of Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, the head of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council.

A group of students singing the National Anthem

In addition to providing professional education to the people of Kandahar, ACCC observed the Peace Day by assigning peace-related topics to its students. Numerous commemorative speeches were delivered to promote the ideals of peace, justice, democracy, development and non-violence in Afghanistan in particular and the world in general. Special prayers were said for permanent peace in Afghanistan. Discussions and debates were held in classes on peace.
The speakers stated that peace is always possible if only Afghans, from all walks of life, take active part in every peace building effort without any greed. They called on Afghan leaders to sincerely and honestly commit to tolerance, justice, rule of law and compassion by pursuing national interests rather than personal greed and tribal interests. They appreciated international community in its support to Afghanistan and urged the neighboring countries and the international community to continue to support Afghans in their struggle for peace. They implored that bloodshed must end and gun be replaced with a pen. They thanked the Canadian government and its people for supporting the ACCC to provide them the education they need and the platform they need to voice their rights.

The speakers urged the Afghan government and international community to sponsor peace building acts in Afghanistan through responsible and honest men and women, civil societies and education programs. They reiterated that the restoration of peace, democracy, and women’s rights are not possible without involving honest and responsible people with continued and increased resources and adequate investment in education development and public awareness programs.

Students receive school bags from Ehsan

The school was painted with peace banner and posters. Pigeons were released in the air to symbolize peace, love and freedom. The students with the best speeches were awarded prizes. Guests also received prizes. UNAMA in Kandahar helped the ACCC with some of logistics needs for the event.
Different media outlets including Afghanistan Radio Television, Kandahar TV, Hewad TV, Shamshad TV, One TV, Aryana TV, Pajhwok News Agency, Benawa website, various radio stations covered and aired the event.


Ehsanullah Ehsan, the Director of the ACCC, addressing the audience

Ehsan’s speech on Peace Day

Dear students, parents, teachers and distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

It is a moment of pride and honor to join you in this ceremony of marking September 21, the Peace Day and let me open my speech with an appeal for peace at a time when our homeland Afghanistan has suffered for over thirty years of war and destruction.

We as human being are called for peace by all faiths so peace is a universal truth, a human need, which cannot be denied by anyone. I am confident that the men and women who carry the honor of building peace, keeping peace in Afghanistan and around the world will continue to give from their lives, from their knowledge and from their wealth, every bit of a sacrifice and support for uplifting this universal truth.

Peace is indispensible for us, it is a beautiful thing. No wealth, no mansions, no villas, no greeneries can be enjoyed in the absence of peace. As we cannot live without water, air and food, we cannot live without a true peace with bless of freedom and justice. Wars bring destruction, torture and countless miseries. War is born of ignorance and misunderstanding. And for sure you are fighting this menace by taking pen and educating yourselves to live a prosperous and peaceful life.

We gather at a place where ignorance and hate for love of humanity are constantly fought. We gather at an institution where truth, wisdom, and understanding take roots and get perceived, that’s peace, coexistence and spread of enlightenment.

Most of our government officials and other powerful politicians are preaching peace, promising peace and asking for peace. But we the Afghans reject any peace that comes at the cost of slavery. We want true peace, the kind of peace that makes life for us worth living, the kind of peace that could enable us to grow, to prosper and to live in dignity and freedom.

Today the expenditure of billions of dollars every year in Afghanistan for the purpose of peace is fueling war and opening our wounds. The benefits we see are going to warlords, drug lords, thugs, uneducated and insensible, irrational men who are killing the peace. The imbalance of aid spending in Afghanistan has introduced to us a culture of greed – people want to be rich in one day and for this they pursue any illegal, immoral, rival and unlawful means.

When I start to talk of peace, some people here tell me it is useless to talk peace in Afghanistan. They tell me see everyone here is after money and power. They tell me in Afghanistan it is useless to talk of peace, education and wisdom. Warlords, powerbrokers and tribal lords in Afghan government and Afghan politics have introduced us a culture of corruption, greed and discrimination, which has undermined the trust and confidence between Afghan public and their government. I hope our masters adopt an attitude of care and wisdom. I urge you as the educated youth of this nation to join me and make both individual and public campaign in securing peace at all levels possible. And every student and teacher of this school, every thoughtful citizen who hates war and wishes to work peace, should begin peace effort without any personal gains.

Others have also told me peace is impossible in Afghanistan. I disagree with this notion and this belief has destroyed hope and peace in our heart and mind. It has weakened our confidence and commitment in our daily life. We must not accept this view. Our problems are manmade they can be solved by man. Man or woman’s reason, struggle and spirit have often made the impossible possible. The problems we face today, violent conflicts, destruction, poverty, hunger and others, are human created problems which can be resolved through human effort, understanding, tolerance and love. ACCC as a school, ACCC as an oasis of civility and human solidarity is already cultivating seeds for peace building, co-existence, love, prosperity and hope through various education programs offered to hundreds of men and women of this region on daily bases.

Sixty-five years back this world was bitterly divided and living far a part in a discord, but today you have United Nations, the UN, even the UNAMA in Kandahar and its representative today among you. Around 200 nations sit on one platform and settle issues, conflicts and disputes in dialogue and unanimity. Centuries ago in certain parts of this planet, when a baby girl was born, people would drop her into a ditch and fill it with dust, but today in many parts of the world including those regions in which woman was a disgrace now has given the woman a full social and human status. Women have as much respect, dignity and right as every other human being does. As every other people, Afghan women are now struggling to empower themselves by the light of education and other peaceful means. You the women are the witness today. You have braved to come out, join the peace building efforts, and break the wall of silence and fight any injustice. History is recording this.

Most of our senior government officials are busy dealing with their own matters. They continue to corrupt and advance their personal interests right at the expense of common Afghans. Afghans are asking for peace, but our leaders are caught up in their own enrichment. They don’t have time to implement the rule of law. Instead they have allowed their own tribal militias to take everything from Afghans, control everything and keep the Afghans in ignorance.

My fellow Afghans, unless we work for peace and change our attitude toward peace and freedom and what a justice is, rule of law is, we cannot have peace. We must show and work for peace in action even if it is at the risk of our own lives – as many of you who are studying at the ACCC are braving any intimidation and violence by joining a peace gathering today. We need to cultivate sense of common goodness, love and compassion, and elimination of ignorance, selfishness, and greed.

Let’s pray for all of us, that together we succeed in building a better Afghanistan, a better world through human understanding, tolerance, justice and love for each other.

May God bless us all and prevail peace and love all over the world.

Thank you

  1. amanullah
    October 22nd, 2011 at 22:14 | #1

    salam grano malgaro

    na poheazham staso sakha singa manana wokram
    da gha taso yast che da afghanistan zwanan aw mashoman pa zrono ki da talim seragh balavi
    da gha taso yast che afghanistan sar wa asmanono ta rasvi.
    shabash par taso fakhar kawom par taso che da ghirat lastoni mo porta kari aw khepl khwando aw worono ta talem sakha barkhaman kavi.

    Ka mozh yaw bal ta da doshman wayelo par zay talem ta mo makha kari way no hes hewad ba par mozh bandi teray na why kari zmozh pa khawra ki las wahana na why kari ch hamdagha halat os ham geryan lari.

    pa akhir ki da khpalo khwando aw worono sakha hela laram che pa kheplo darso ta dawam warkr
    a zya wa basi che watan taso zwanan ta gori.

    staso qadar kawonqi: Amaullah Nawabi

  2. Sadiqullah
    March 6th, 2012 at 03:57 | #2

    Hi chaps,
    Hope all is well on your end.
    As i read the above mentioned speech of Ehsanullah, Ehsan, which he cued to peace and stability. as a caretaker he has opened his door for all male and female to join and attain peace. i do hope if he keeps this process up might it would be benefited to all.


  3. Barbara Murphy-Bridge
    March 21st, 2012 at 10:52 | #3

    What an incredible speech Ehsan , you are a true Afghan hero !!!

  4. June 6th, 2012 at 01:14 | #4


    With due respect to you all respectable teachers and remaining staffs hope you be fine and doing well
    And your routine activity we appreciate from this short course of training center that help all afghan males and females and this a good opportunity to learn till you should make your future bright by learning specially DBA short course is very important and useful for all adults so i hope to continue your further education as well and you can apply for bachelor degree as well inside and out side the country and this a good singe of peace try to bring peace in our country by hard working don’t waste this valuable time and taking befits from it will make your future bright than before so we appreciate once more this head of this community that he helps us in further education of afghan male and female thanks from you kind cooperation hope you bring big changes in our educational level good boy so long

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