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Write Your Member of Parliament to Express Your Support for ACCC / KIMS

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Please see below for a stock letter that you can send to your Member of Parliament to express your support for the Afghan-Canadian Community Center and its sister organization the Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies. We would encourage you to personalize this letter and to change it however you see fit.

To find your MP’s name and address, please click here.

Thank you.


I live in your riding and am writing to ask for your support for a recent grant application submitted to Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. The grant was submitted under the Promoting the Advancement of Women and Girls’ Rights and Empowerment in Afghanistan program.

The Afghan non-government organization (NGO) involved is well-respected in Kandahar and internationally. They have an incredible track record in providing effective, career-oriented women’s education. They are well-run, incredibly cost-effective, and previous recipients of Government of Canada grants. All in all, it’s hard to imagine a better fit for the current government grant.

The NGO I’m referring to is the Afghan Learning and Development Organization (ALDO), part of the Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies and the Afghan Canadian Community Center. The specific program related to the grant application is called the Women’s Skills for Rights and Empowerment Program (WSRE). From the beginning in 2006, ALDO has partnered with the volunteer-run registered Canadian charity called the Canadian International Learning Foundation.

Essentially, ALDO’s main project is a single school in Kandahar. Through slowly building its community relationships and reputation, it has grown from educating a handful of brave women in 2006 to now educating 1,500 students annually. Most of those students are female teens and young adults, and they consistently go on to get good jobs and support 4 family members each, on average.

Through this network of graduates and family members, ALDO has now helped 1% of Kandahar province, an amazing accomplishment for one school and a Government of Canada investment of $545,000 to date.

Through its students’ achievements, it has also made a profound statement to the community about the value of women’s education and of women overall. Gone are the days of the school’s director having to beg families to send their daughters to class.

Supporting ALDO’s Women’s Skills for Rights and Empowerment Program (WSRE) would not only provide multi-year funding to support more women’s education, it would also provide Canadians the chance to get involved in the Government of Canada’s international development activities and to learn the skills needed to play an active role in advancing the cause of education around the globe. Through online volunteering, Canadians can interact with ALDO and its students, helping them build their English, communication and other skills.

I ask that you please contact the Hon. Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau to ask that she give ALDO’s Women’s Skills for Rights and Empowerment Program serious consideration. The proposed $5 million grant represents a small fraction of the Government of Canada’s total Afghan spending, but has the potential to be a lasting pillar of Canada’s legacy in Kandahar, and in Afghanistan as a whole. With the school’s strong track record and excellent reputation both in Kandahar and internationally, it represents a low-risk, high-return investment in the lives of Afghan women.

For more information, please contact the Canadian International Learning Foundation at [email protected] or (613) 503-5349. For your reference, I am personally involved with this organization as their President.

For a few examples of past media coverage, highlighting the invaluable role that the Government of Canada can play in promoting a more peaceful and prosperous future for Canadians and people around the world, please see:

– Teaching for a Nation’s Future – National Post, Oct 17th 2011 – http://news.nationalpost.com/news/educating-for-a-nations-future

– Afghanistan Girls School – Al Jazeera, 9 Jun 2010 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AsHVKCOmw8

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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