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Governor of Kandahar Visits Afghan-Canadian Community Center

August 11th, 2008 No comments

On July 24th 2008, the staff and students of the Afghan-Canadian Community Center (ACCC) were deeply honoured by a visit from the Governor of Kandahar, Asadullah Khalid, his Chief of Staff and distinguished guests from Kabul, including the former Afghan Ambassador to Belgium. The visit was also attended by journalists from Reuters, Al-Jazeera, and Belgian National Television.

Ehsan Ullah, Director of the ACCC, briefed the Governor and guests on the activities and progress of the school. The Governor also spoke with

students enrolled in online business management courses with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), who noted that the SAIT training had improved their standard of education and helped them to secure highly-paid employment.

The Governor praised the many achievements of the staff and students of the ACCC. He referred to the school as a “heroic step” for education in Kandahar, and thanked the Government of Canada and individual donors for their support of the ACCC. The Governor further pledged to meet with Ehsan at a later date to discuss potential government assistance to the ACCC.

Kandahar Governor Asadullah Khalid and Distinguished Guests

Kandahar Governor Asadullah Khalid Speaks with ACCC Student

Kandahar Governor Asadullah Khalid and ACCC Director Ehsan Ullah

Personal reflections of ACCC students: Governance

January 3rd, 2008 No comments

Here is a collection of student essays written on governance. I hope you will join me in thanking the students for their hard work on these excellent essays. The essays have been lightly edited for clarity.

Being a governor or controlling a government isn’t easy and to be a governor one must have high qualifications, know about the economy and politics. The governor has to assist the people and pay full attention to parliaments and select an expert person for each place. For example, a doctor should be selected for a health department and an engineer for engineering issues. If the governor were to select a doctor for ministry of defense, it wouldn’t make sense.

A governor should be a politician person and be understanding of people’s problems. He should meet them and make himself aware of everything. To be responsible he should invite people to see him so that he can hear what they have to say.

Above all he should think of them and show the exact direction to each one.

In every meeting different questions should be asked from each member of the parliament, until they understand how to behave when a president selects someone for the parliament. The first thing he should note is his skill, character and his experience, not his tribe and other family.

As well the member should be kind and close to his country’s people and should express his love to all the people.

If a governor tries to help only themselves and their relations then other people will be discouraged and will not be able to earn the income they deserve. The skills that a person needs to receive a job should be clear and a person should be hired based on those skills and not on their family connections.

Their target should be to work for the people and provide every kind of facility and assist to them in everyway possible. Then we will be able to have peaceful, progressive society and a country of peace.

– Yelda

Governance gives us the idea that local government groups guarantee that they can protect the people and community, or ensure that they do things the right way. The right people are comprehensive, honest, open, accountable and easy to approach. Unfortunately, in Afghanistan and particularly in Kandahar, governance is the root cause of all evil within our society. In fact, there are many who are corrupt who have high authority in governance, they are making decisions whether it will be for the betterment of our country or not. These rulers are doing their business on poor, needy, and pessimist people of Afghanistan. The major donors and financial associations are decreasing their help and loans on the condition that these rulers not have access to the money until the situation improves.

The reforms that ensure “bad governance” are undertaken in all Afghanistan, in addition some formal and informal actors are also involved in decision making. This can badly affect the situation of a country or community, as we are currently facing. For example, when the Coalition Forces go out on a mission or come out for research, there are those who inform the extremists that they are out in field. These corrupt people are aiding in the attacks against civilians, the army and the Coalition Forces by extremists.

We Afghans are optimistic and should have unity among us, and until the corrupt people stop their crimes and abuse of authority which is being destroying our country, and remove the corruption from governance, we should hold strikes, shout for the rights of people who under control of the corrupt people. If we really want to have safe, secure, and developed Afghanistan we can not stay silent and if we don’t insist on safety and security, the situation will be continue to be the same.

Every day there is another bomb blast, kidnapping of local people and killing of innocent people. Until we remove the corrupt people from governance Afghanistan will be backward, and the people will be needy and hopeless in their life. If the governance members are claiming for the protection of people, so they should protect us and remove all the corrupt personalities from the governance. In addition they should have unity among them to fulfill people needs and bring safety and security in our country.

– Sultana

Governance is about how local government corps ensures that they are doing the right things, in the right way, for the right people. Alternatively, we can say that the system by which people are directed and controlled is called Governance.

Basically, governance is like a formula for vindicating the basic solution for a dilemma in the society and it provides clear direction for the communities while giving out and receiving information so that it can take counteractive action and change itinerary, but unfortunately nowadays government organizations have a poor authority system. They rarely apply the right authority in the right way. Therefore, they cannot always see where problems are expected to occur or have occurred

Having an effective peace system with the characteristics of effective guidance and a affirmative culture with high standards of behaviour and decency based on having good governance. Since governance brings together many features of a civilization is therefore vital to apply the right government on the right way to the right people in order to evade all those uncertain demoralizing events which obliterates mankind ‘s career, and unable them to protect their rights.

Pitiable governance is at the heart of many public segment failures. It is not frequently a single failure or deficiency in supremacy that is dependable for a service failure, but an accumulation of aspects. Governance should consequently substance to everyone in our committee until that it can germinate trust, honesty, sense of humor and responsibility among the society.

In general, governance word is a common word in other countries where it is a main factor in a society, but regrettably our society is not even familiar with the word of governance. It is because that we have never seen any governance during the past two or three decades that Afghanistan faced a complex political, administrative economic and social challenge conflicts and there is no execution or governance on the drug trade, unsecured borders, and informal markets, which creates a conductive condition for administrative corruption and for all those cruel circumstances which is happing or may take place in the future.

The almost total absence of well-trained and accountable judiciary are leading the culture of security violations and depression, criminals are acting do not arrive at the courts, and the crimes go scot-free after all we have these things on going in our country so do you still think that we have governance or do you still think that our leaders have come up with the result of what they have governed so far in our community or to know whether the absolute powered governors do the work for the betterment of the society which unite the communities or for the drug lords & tribal lords? The ANSWER belongs to YOU!!

At the end, I would like to suggest all those supreme powered governors and owners that any future government in Afghanistan will have to make your mind up to the problems of the society based on population governance.

– Suhila